AC VFD (DBS) Rig Series

AC VFD (DBS) Rig Series

Main Features

This kind of rig has the advantages of excellent operation performance and economical operation efficiency meanwhile, with the higher automation degree, it greatly reduces labor intensity of well-drilling operation. DBS rig, with the AC motor features of wide speed range and high torque output, is very suitable to drive draw works, mudpump, rotary table and top drive; and AC motor is more suitable to be used in explosion proof areas.AC VF control system has the functions of dynamic braking and max torque output at zero speed, making the operation mode of DBS rig totally different from traditional rig. It provides high efficiency operation and higher safety performance at the same time.
AC driving system has higher electric power factor, less requirement for power unit and lower energy consumption. Simplified mechanical transmission with less components maintenance work. Equipped with one gear VFD-driven drawworks of smaller size, lighter weight and higher reliability. Auxiliary drive system is optional for auto-bit-feed and emergency operation.


AC VFD (DBS) Rig Series

A new generation of TDS delivering high torque performance, with operational, Maintenance and safety reliability.

Designed, manufactured, and tested under API 8C standard

The top drive adopts a structure of mechanical-electrical integration, the motor drives the main shaft directly. Gearless design makes the system a simple structure, low-failure-rate and convenient maintenance. Bearings of its power system adopt grease lubrication which reduces sealing mechanisms and is convenient for maintenance, as there is no oil lubrication or related oil cooling, filtrating system. The main motor can work over torque in a short-time period, and its performance will never be limited by a mechanical reducer. Direct driving also cuts the energy loss during transmissions.The cooling system has a higher efficiency. Integrated HPU system, junction box and blower are all installed exterior to the shell of the Top Drive, which are convenient for operation and maintenance.

Features & Benefit

  • High torque AC motor directly drive the main shaft system.
  • Rugged AC motor design being almost maintenance free and certified for hazardous drilling operations.
  • Efficient AC motor cooling design through heavy duty blower multiple air ducts.
  • Full AC motor torque at s stand still.
  • Modularized design allowing for easy assembly, disassembly and maintenance.
  • Fewer mechanical parts allowing for reduced maintenance costs.
  • Overall reduced maintenance requirements due to simplicity of design.

Model Indentities


Footprint Dimensions

Traditional Triplex Pump

Main Features

Our manufactures F series 500-2200HP triplex piston single action mud pump. The F series mud pumps, compact in size and easy to maintenance. It adopts high-intensity welding rack, hollow casting or forging crankshaft, and hardened herringbone . gear The design of its hydraulic/fluid end keeps it simple for liner and valve replacements, interchangeable with other F series mud pump. The pressure bearing components of the fluid end must pass strict nondestructive and hydrostatic test. In terms of the driving mode of the pump set, AC/DC motor or diesel engine driven by belt, chain or cardanshaft are available, or alternatively driven directly by AC. motor Besides, external lubrication system is optional. (internal lubrication system has been equipped). Mud pump features with high pump discharge pressure and displacement. Shear pin safety valve or spring safety valve is optional. Built-in lube oil pump or external electric lube oil pump is optional. We can supply 1600HP and 2200HP high pressure 51.7MPa (7500psi) mud pump with L shaped fluid end. The whole set of mud pumps have passed CE certification.

Technical Parameters

5NB2400GZ Quintuplex Pump Set

The max displacement of the quintuplex pump is 94.6L/S, 33% higher than that of the traditional triplex pump of the same power. The maximum operating pressure of the quintuplex pump is 51.7MPa. Two pumps need not to be operated at the same time during each stage of well drilling.
Compared with traditional triplex pumps, with the same-material cylinder liner and piston, the lifespan of cylinder liner expands 5times and the lifespan of piston increases 10 times. The structure of the whole pump set is more compact. In contrast to the traditional drilling pump set, the weight is decreased by 50%.
Adopting multi-pillar structure of forged crankshaft with crankshaft quenching and grinding, crankshaft’s lifespan is longer and due to lower bearing load, bearing can be used longer too. Compared with traditional triplex pumps’ weight, the weight of moving parts decrease 73% with small inertia force and smooth operation.
Quintuplex pump's output is smooth and pulsation dampener is eliminated in the operation. The crank shaft is driven on both sides synchronously; the life-span of the motor bearing is 3.8 . times longer An intelligent electronic safety valve is added rather than a traditional mechanical safety valve in order to achieve double assurance. Power end maintenance procedure is simplified due to the new type power end structure design.

Technical Parameters

Electric Direct Drive Pump Unit

Main Features

Adopting integration design of motor and drive system, the motor can directly drive the pinion shaft of the drilling pump without the intermediate gear(belt driving, chain driving or gear driving), which impr oves the transmission efficieny and reliability, and makes the pump unit with compact structure, small volume, light weight, fast transportation and low manufacturing costs.
Due to stress condition of the pinion shaft significantly improved, when the shaft head is in operation, only the weight of the motor torque and the rotor applied, which increases the reliability and lifespan of shafts, gears, and bearings. With the AC inverter motor that complies with mechanical and electrical integration design, it has longer lifespan and with features of high reliability and. stability Through direct driving of the motor, it reduces the pump’ mechanical transmission parts’ maintenance, noises and vibration in the pump operation, and environmental pollution, meeting the requirements of HSE.

Technical Parameters

Coiled Tubing Equipment

Hybrid Coiled Tubing Drilling Rig

Our CTR120/300 hybrid coiled tubing drilling rig has combined the conventional drilling rig with coiled tubing operation unit, i.e. the drilling can be applied by both the coiled tubing and the conventional jointed drill pipe. Maximum hook load of the drilling rig is 13 5 T , injection head is driven by hydraulic power , maximum lifting capacity is 54T, maximum snubbing capacity is 27T, maximum tripping speed of the coiled tubing is 48m/min, drilling depth of 3-1/2" coiled tubing is up to 2,000m. The drilling rig is equipped with power swivel, iron roughneck, hydraulic slip, mechanical handing unit and other automation wellhead machines and tools, with the features of high operating ef ficiency and low worker's labor int.e nsity The main equipments are installed on three large trailers with good mobility, better meeting the users’ need for exploration and development of shallow reservoir.

LG450/60T Coiled Tubing Operation Machine

  • Be able to perform independent operation.
  • Equipped with portal frame mast, no other crane needed.
  • Few modules, convenient for transportation.
  • Small footprint.

CTU135/52C Coiled Tubing Unit

  • Be able to perform independent operation, strong mobility.
  • The cane equipped on the rig can lift the injection head as well, no other crane needed.
  • Equipped with two separate inlets for alternative use of mud or air as drilling medium.
  • Equipped with 8×6tridrive chassis with good maneuvering characteristics;
  • Equipped with data acquisition system and coiled tubing fatigue analysis software so as to inspect on spot situation and predict service life of the coiled tubing.
  • Small footprint.
  • Injector capacity of 60,000 pounds, 80,000 pounds, 100,000 pounds, 120,000 pounds or other specifications are available as requested.
  • Various specifications and models of coiled tubing drum are available as requested.

Offshore Drilling Package

Technical Parameters of Offshore Workover Rig Module

Technical Parameters of Offshore SCR-DC Drilling Module

Technical Parameters of Offshore VFD Drilling Module

Jacking and Fixation System for Jack-Up

Technical Parameters of Our Offshore Jacking System

Technical Parameters of Our Offshore Fixation System